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Michael Rubin: How Iraqi Kurds can resolve their financial crisis

decade ago, I wrote an article for Lebanon’s Daily Star arguing that corruption was far more corrosive to the region than terrorism. The article struck a nerve in Iraqi Kurdistan, which was one of the examples I had addressed; it became the first time I was directly threatened for an article I had written.The...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Why did the US denied the Iraqi Kurdistan govt’s request of $2 billion assistance?

According to many news outlets today, the US government has declined KRG’s $2 Billion request. The Kurdistan Regional Government ( KRG) has sent a low-level delegation to Washington trying to convince the American government to help them financially in an amount of $2 Billion. Today, I read that the...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Membership cost $30,000 a year to be ‘connected’ to Kurdish politicians in Iraqi Kurdistan

I honestly do not know how many creative ways people can scam when dealing with/in Kurdistan! There are so many stories about scams in Kurdistan and what has been going on in the past 12 years is absolutely mind boggling and beyond belief. I will need 100’s of hours of continuous writing just to cover...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: What should the KRG do with Dana Gas lawsuit

In the past couple of years or so, I have been tracking/reading all of the news pertaining Dana Gas oil company, based in the UAE, and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) lawsuit in London courts. Once I learned of this lawsuit, I began to research and investigate some oil contracts the KRG has signed...

Michael Rubin: Do Kurds Have Legal Recourse Against Barzanis

Kurdistan is in a crisis, largely of its own making. Salaries of its civil service are in deep arrears. Declining oil prices and the fight against the Islamic State are excuses but not the reason: After all, the Iraqi government faces the same challenges but still pays its salaries. Baghdad has delivered...

Dayko: Kurdistan Regional Governments of Northern Iraq Controls By Two Group of Mafia

Corruption is Kurdistan’s biggest economic problem. The two ruling parties’ dominant control lets corruption flourish. Corruption relies on family-clan and/or peshmerga ties. Kurdish corruption starts at the top with a few political “godfathers” who quietly distribute contracts among themselves. Some...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Today, October 7, 2015

Today, October 7, 2015 and that means it is day after the “final” meeting that all Kurdistan parties ( KDP, PUK, Gorran, Komal and Islamic party) have met. All news agencies in Kurdistan are discussing the upcoming meeting (October 6, 2015) between the five parties and this meeting is supposed to...

Jenna Krajeski: How the War With ISIS Has Exposed Kurdistan’s Internal Divisions

ERBIL—Last April, a few days before Iraqi Kurds voted in elections for the Iraqi parliament—and two months before militants with the Islamic State (ISIS) would threaten their borders, changing everything—a group of Kurdish veterans gathered at the Monument of Halabja Martyrs, a squat rotunda in the spring-green...

Patick Cocburn: Turkey duped the US, and Isis is reaping the rewards

The disastrous miscalculation made by the United States in signing a military agreement with Turkey at the expense of the Kurds becomes daily more apparent. In return for the use of Incirlik Air Base just north of the Syrian border, the US betrayed the Syrian Kurds who have so far been its most effective...

Michael Rubin: Kurds Failing Representation Jeopardizes US Support

Superficially, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s representation and influence in America has never been greater. After years of renting space in various office buildings, the KRG now has its own building less than two kilometers from the White House. Whereas once Kurds were largely forgotten...

Michael Rubin: Massoud Barzani and Kurdish presidential succession

Since Iraq regained its sovereignty in 2004, it has had four prime ministers : Ayad Allawi, Ibrahim Jaafari, Nouri al-Maliki, and current premier Haider al-Abadi. Over the same period, Iraqi Kurdistan has had one ruler: Massoud Barzani. In 2005, the Iraqi Kurdish parliament, dominated by Barzani’s Kurdistan...

Michael Rubin: Be Very Worried About Barzani Family Power Struggle

American officials tend to lionize Iraqi Kurdistan, and not without reason. Iraqi Kurdistan has, for more than two decades, been stable and relatively secure. And while its claims to be democratic are a bit exaggerated, its transformation in a relatively short period of time is astounding.That said,...

Ezidi Press: The betrayal of Shingal

Commentary by Hayri Demir, translated from EzidiPress GermanOne year ago, the terrorist militia Islamic State overran the major area of settlement of the Yezidi minority Shingal in northern Iraq. The caliphate´s henchmen crushed village by village, perpetrated one massacre after another against the helpless...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Should Massoud Barzani remain president?

In the past few weeks, there has been a great deal of talk, agreements as well as disagreements, about whether or not Massoud Barzani should remain in office for another two years. Some people/politicians want Barzani to remain at his post while others are adamant about having Barzani step down once...

Alastair Sloan: Let’s be realistic about Iraqi Kurdistan; it’s a deeply unpleasant autocracy

In May last year, who in the West had heard of the “Peshmerga”? Wasn’t that a kind of scarf? No, the BBC, CNN and Sky News told us, these were warriors for freedom, brave Kurds, rallying against the ISIS threat when the Iraqi army had fled in disarray. Even Marie Claire, the woman’s lifestyle magazine,...