Today, October 7, 2015

Saturday, 10.03.2015, 15:26

2588 بینراوە

Today, October 7, 2015 and that means it is day after the “final” meeting that all Kurdistan parties ( KDP, PUK, Gorran, Komal and Islamic party) have met. All news agencies in Kurdistan are discussing the upcoming meeting (October 6, 2015) between the five parties and this meeting is supposed to be the very last meeting in which a decision will be made about Masoud Barzani’s position and powers in Kurdistan.

From what I am reading and hearing from local Kurdistan news agencies is that four of the Kurdish parties, excluding the KDP, have presented Barzani with two choices in which they all know that Barzani will never agree to either one of these proposals!

No matter what the participants say in the final meeting, I am fairly confident that Barzani will remain in his position and nothing will change. I wish I knew why everyone is wasting time and energy on this subject that we all know what the outcome is! There are much more important issues facing Kurdistan that local politicians need to pay attention to rather than fighting among themselves to remove only one person from power.

So, why did these four parties presented something that they already know with 100% certainties that Barzani/KDP will never agree to it? I can only guess that they are only playing to the citizens of Kurdistan and that is all. They know they are weak and incapable of stripping Barzani of his power/position now and in the future, but still they want to make noise! They think by making a big deal about this issue, they are helping Kurdistan and that is far from the reality. On the contrary, I strongly believe what these four parties are doing is hurting Kurdistan in many ways and they need to stop this nonsense and accept the fact that Barzani is here to stay for many years to come.

As I have written before, Barzani will retain his current position and he will not lose any of his powers that he currently has in Kurdistan and these are the facts. There are many reasons for my conclusion, but since I had written them before in my previous articles, I will not mention them again. But, all that I can say is that there is no one in Kurdistan that is qualified to take on the presidency of Kurdistan and no one can refute that.

If there was any able and qualified person that can challenge Barzani, then he/she should have come forward a long time ago but we have not heard of anyone that is willing to make such move. I am not an advocate of Barzani, but I am being very realistic and honest when I say that Barzani is the best qualified individual in Kurdistan for such important position and he should remain in power, especially during these very difficult times. I wish all Kurdish politicians would put their differences aside and work for the benefit of their citizens.

Rizgar Xoshnaw, a senior Kurdish writer based in Washington, a longtime contributing writer and columnist for