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یاسر حەکیم: A Calligrapher has been missing for rejecting writing Immortal

New Page 1According to Journalist Qadir Nadir’s article on TevdaPress Calligrapher “Mullah Ahmed Mustafa Mohammed” was a popular calligrapher in Soran and Harir and Batas.   In 1996, an official of PDK requested him to make a banner and some phrases like “Immortal Mullah Mustafa...

English Articles: Give Her Back Her Kurdish Name: Jina Amini

New Page 1Anna Mahjar-BarducciWe all know her as Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old girl that was tortured and killed by the "religious morality police" of Iran's Islamic Republic. However, her name was Jina, a beautiful Kurdish name, meaning "life."In Iran, the Kurdish population is being discriminated...

Chya Asad: My interview on Peshang radio station

Listeners of Peshang radio station, we are continuing to present our radio programs.We have prepared a subject wich is a dialogue with political activist, Chia As'ad about corruption on the international anti-corruption day, 09 December.What are the reasons and causes of corruption in the world...

زەند جاف: Everything is made of water

By: Zand_JaffDuring the Archaic period (mid-8th-6th century BCE), the peoples of the Greek peninsula gradually settled into a group of city-States. They developed an alphabetical System of writing, as well as the beginnings of what is now recognized as western philosophy. Previous civilizations has relied...

د. مەهدی کاکەیی: The Sassanids were Kurds not Persians (2-2)

Written by: Dr Mahdi Kakei Translated from Arabic by: Shwan Koshnaw ----------------------------------- In the first article we mentioned ten evidences, which confirm that the Sassanids were Kurds. In this article we continue presenting more evidences for this topic. 11. The scholar (Masoud Muhammad)...

د. مەهدی کاکەیی: The Sassanids were Kurds, not Persians (1-2)

Written by: Dr Mahdi Kakei Translated from Arabic by: Shwan Koshnaw The vast majority of eastern and western historians, regard the Sassanids as Persians, while reliable historical sources unequivocally confirm that the Sassanids belong to the Kurdish people. The ancient Kurdish people must be brought...

د. مەهدی کاکەیی: The Yazidians and the lie of Satan worship

Dr Mahdi Kakei: Since the creation, the human beings have created the "devil" with different names. They were afraid of the natural phenomena that threatened their lives, such as darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, lightning, thunder, winter cruelty, predatory wild animals, sickness, hunger,...

عەلی بەرزنجی: Shhhhh don’t speak up

 Brutal Killing of Saudi journalist JAMAL KHASHOGGI did not come as a surprise to me as I’m from a military state in a third countries in the Middle East. In my experience of practising freelance journalism in Iraq there is no venue where you can voice your opinions and ask unjust leaders...

Ayoob Khaleel Ismael: Democracy and Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Once Saddam's Ba'athist regime had fallen, I dreamed that we could at last live in a freedom and peace. Thought that the people of Kurdistan region could leave the atrocities behind, that we would learn from our mistakes, and that no authority would again treat anyone like...

Michael Rubin: Could the Kurds beat Turkey in Syria

After a multi-day artillery barrage, the Turkish Army has begun its push into Afrin, a district of Syria which has been governed by Syrian Kurds ever since they defeated al Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists. Turkish officials say they plan to set up a buffer zoneextending almost...

نەوشیروان محەمەد: Barzani between two Augusts

Nawshirwan MuhamadThe history of the Barzani and the so called Democratic Party of Kurdistan can be summarized in a series of betrayals, failures and illegal and corrupt behaviours. Those can be portrayed as followes: First: in 31/08/1996, the KDP and its leader resorted to the worse enemy...

Stanley Weiss: It's Time to Kick Erdogan's Turkey Out of NATO

Founding Chairman, Business Executives for National Security It has always been a matter of historical curiosity that one of the American diplomats who was deeply involved in the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was named Achilles. As the head of the State Department's Office of...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Dana Gas lawsuit against the Kurdistan Regional Government has come to a halt

Two days ago, I received a call from an individual in Sulaimani I never met before asking me questions about Dana Gas and what I thought of the case. He said that he has been reading my articles and decided to search, and found, my contact information to ask me two questions. He asked me the following...

Sheri Laizer: For Sale: Iraqi Kurdistan, a Nation and Its Values

Home / Kurdistan / Corruption / For Sale: Iraqi Kurdistan, a Nation and Its ValuesFor Sale: Iraqi Kurdistan, a Nation and Its ValuesPosted on January 28, 2016 by Sheri Laizer in Corruption, ExclusiveIraqi Kurdistan oil flagPhoto: AFP/Ekurd.netSheri Laizer in France – | Special to Ekurd.netIraqi Kurdistan...

Rizgar Khoshnaw: Why are the Kurds leaving their homeland

I am often confronted with the question of: Why are the Kurds leaving Kurdistan in such large numbers? My answer to them is simple and to the point and that is: For most people life in Kurdistan in not a life and it is merely an existence in its worse form. There are no jobs, poor health care system,...